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released March 6, 2009

Michael Kurt



all rights reserved


[product] Portland, Oregon

[product] is a post-aggrotech witchhouse project that is very confused.
Members of this band went on to form The Blood of Others, debut album is out now on Audiotrauma Records

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Track Name: The Principal
Free from disease, I amputate
everything I nolonger need
everything that it takes
to get me closer to the ground
wind so cold in my dreams
I feel everything
free from release, I manipulate
My world.

The day will come
when I will stand alone
I wont be Forgotten
I wont be unknown

Free from perfection, I annihilate
All desire to be restrained in
time fear rotts like ebbing veins
in tamed flesh to be reframed
Wind so cold in my dreams
I see everything
free from the torment
I cast out my world
Track Name: Extraction
There are very few words
that burn inside me
until I cant stop the pain
There are very few times
that make me see
this life in vein
Dont waste your breath
you'll need your strength
to see what's next
Dont form words.
you'll need to think
of your last verse to this Life

As my grip hold strong
I can feel you pulsing in me
The deception I've left
in the back of your mind
You can see yourself
weeping in reflection
of my eyes
dont hold your breath
you're making it worse
just let it go
Dont close your eyes
you'll see the darkness
I've left in you.
Track Name: Mechanical Fear
So soft
so frail
so defined
I can see the age
in your eyes
No worry
No pain
just the remnant
of what's become
your life
I saw the world
in a second glance
So weak
So naive
I feel the tide
wash over me
and tear away

Mechanical Fear
Track Name: My Fall
I saw the sun rise
on a mountain line
in time defined.
I turned and fell
to face the sky
I was so alive.
I saw the tree line
I realized
I was floating
into abyss
I drift away.

You fell
time stops
I look to the mirror.
I was not alone.
I was not alone.

I saw your eyes rise
to the mountain line
I was so defined.
I turned and
looked to the sky
and found nothing.
In your eyes
I realize
that I'm alive
hand in hand
we fall to the ground
away from everyone.
Track Name: Contact
Through the fog that once was my life
I pulse in masked vibrations
in the shadows I have made of my mind
I crave to waste
What I have lost
What I let slip away
through my fragile hands
I nolonger prey
my frame of thought
my dignity
isn't worth being alone

every day
every face the same
the words still echo inside
different name
but the end is the same
logic left to silence
It hurts to say
I can barely remember
your face dying slowly
within me
the light evades
and I waste away

Through the fog of my modern life
I am useless in the cog
the machine of time
I resolve to worthlessness
pushing all that cures me away
What I have lost
What I let slip away
through my fragile hands
I nolonger prey
my frame of thought
my dignity
isn't worth being alone