.​.​.​and the Connection Fails

by [product]

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...And The Connection Fails. is the 3rd demo from Portland based HarshEBM project [product].


released March 27, 2010

Michael Kurt



all rights reserved


[product] Portland, Oregon

[product] is a post-aggrotech witchhouse project that is very confused.
Members of this band went on to form The Blood of Others, debut album is out now on Audiotrauma Records

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Track Name: Drown The Horses, There's No Tomorrow
Once tall,
intellect surpassing the weak.
overpowering the meek.
Now martyred,
soaked with disease.
moral pillars,
so cracked,
they fall with ease.

wasted breath,
you're a liar,
I cant even believe
what's inside
with such brilliant ease
I thought I saw
now disbelief
All a product
All in favor
of a disease.

Drown the horses
There's no tomorrow
Just a pitiful defeat

you're just disease

I watched you fall,
now you lay in the dirt so peaceful
Track Name: Faded Youth
Sacrifice your children to live
and let them breath
let them lead their lives
separate your children from life
Let them think
let them live their lives

In the comfort of their own lies
In mistakes
In suicide
You push them away
In your greed
In your child's demise.

They'll never know the feeling
to live
Through hurt
through pain
What are you preparing them for
empty lives
empty minds
Track Name: Today I Swept Footprints From Ruins
If I walk back
through thickets along
beat paths disowned
I can see you
in clouded wrongs
I left unknown
Memories you
sheltered in angst
encased in fear
Imagine I
had never been there
Erase the fear

Dont breathe
It'll only make it worse
Dont breathe
It'll only make it hurt
Dont breathe
It'll only make it worse
Dont breathe
I'll only make it hurt

Today I swept footprints from ruins
Today I tore you from my world
Today I swept footprints from ruins
Today I tore you from my world
Track Name: With Sympathy
Crossing oceans
Smoke rising from her lips
pale skin
carress me
and I never thought
I'd feel this relief

collapse in storm
no will to fight
in the darkness
to the fear
to the pain inside
and I never thought
I'd feel this relief

Modern world
in disguise
smoke clears
eyes to the shadows
broken mirrors
looking for deceit
finding nothing
finding nothing
scattered ashes
in the oceans
in the forests
under fog
she found a release
and I know why you drink
Track Name: Through Tides Gentle Winds, Decay.